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1. FOID.

2. Fingerprinting.

3. Handgun.

4. Range Qualification.

5. What We Teach.

6. Illinois Concealed Carry Firearm Training Certificate.

7. We Offer A Home Shooting Practice Training System That You Can Own, And With Your Own Concealed Carry Pistol, You Can Use Safely In Your Home - To Put You On The Road From Being A Good Shooter, To Being A Great Shooter ! This Brings Your Training Full Circle From Our Classrooms, And Our Range, Right Down To Your Home, That Also Saves You A Fortune In Ammunition.

The price for our above Home Practice System # 1 that contains one laser cartridge of either 380 ACP, 9 MM, 40 Smith & Wesson, or 45 ACP, and two laser targets as shown in the above video is $280.98 . Or about the same cost as 3 visits to the gun range. Give us a phone call or stop into our Range for a Live Demonstration.

Other Requirements to take our CCW Class

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It is better to have a gun and not need it, then it is, to need a gun and not have it.

It is always better to avoid a violent situation, than it is to participate in one.


We specialize in training women. Even women that have never touched a gun before.  So that they are not only confident in handling a gun to defend themselves, and their loved ones, but are confident that they can do it safely.

“ My Wife noted that being able to handle a firearm gave her a real confidence boost.  When she learned how to shoot properly, she not only learned that she could handle a gun, but also that she could handle herself .  “

We train all our men, & women students in how to actually use their Concealed Carry Weapons in a life and death situation ! To view a real life tragic story of a woman, that had her Concealed Carry License, but was never actually trained in how to use her weapon - CLICK HERE ! (this just as easily could have happened to a man)

Now that you have read the above real life story, let me tell you that our training goes well beyond how to clear your jammed weapon, and real life combat scenarios. Our training teaches you everything you will need to survive a real life, and death fight !

We have a training system for you that is totally complete. It starts in our classrooms, then goes to our ranges, and finishes with providing you the training techniques, and the training equipment to train you, right in your own home !


CALL: 630-658-0241

We offer to the public, two separate levels of Handgun Training:

Our first level of handgun training, is for students to gain the knowledge, and expertise, to get their Illinois, and Florida Concealed Carry Licenses.

Our Second level of handgun training, is for students who already have their Concealed Carry License, but wish to become proficient in drawing their concealed carry handgun from their concealed carry holster, kept under their clothing.  This level of handgun training we call, “The Next Level”.

Next Level handgun training consists of advanced, and expert level combat tactics, as well as gun handling, that makes the holster drawing of a concealed carry handgun as automatic, and natural as breathing. So that the Good Shooter, becomes a Great Shooter, through Advanced Combat Training of our Next Level shooting range, and practice in the Next Level shooting techniques in the student’s own home. Our students that take our “The Next Level” training sessions, start with people that have just received their concealed carry licenses, and wish to become more confident and self assured in carrying a concealed carry handgun. All the way to students that have private, city, county, state, and federal law enforcement experience, and wish to further expand their expertise.  As well as, to quicken, and sharpen their combat reaction skills.

Below, we are introducing to the student our Illinois and Florida Concealed Carry License classes, which is our first level of "The Next Level" handgun training we offer.



What do you get, when you train with us?

Our Competitors have class sizes of 20, 30 or more. Which means you receive little if any, one on one training from the class instructor.
Our class sizes are 10 students max. And with that class size our instructors now have 50% more time to help each student fully understand the class.

Our competitors' instructors lecture their students for 16 hours, while providing their students with near ZERO practical hands on training. After sitting in our competitors classroom for 8 straight hours, your brain will be ready to explode, because your brain will not be able to remember, retain, or absorb anything else after sitting in a class for more than four hours. That is why we break all our classes into 4 hour segments, because then our students, have the chance to more fully absorb the class material, and then have at least a one day break before their next 4 hour class.

Here is an email we received from one of our past students:


I received my Illinois Concealed Carry license thanks to you.
I learned so much taking your class, all your special knowledge, and expertise will not be forgotten. Also you have made the process quick and painless.
You are a professional and very thorough.
Thank you again sincerely your student

John G.                        

What you as one of our students, actually learn in our class room:

1. How to draw your own concealed carry handgun, from your own concealed carry holster, that you are actually wearing. With one on one instructor guidance for you at every step.

2. How to properly hold, aim, & follow through when firing your own concealed carry handgun at a target that gives you immediate feedback on how accurate your shot actually was.

3. When to use, and when to not use deadly force, at each class. By discussing with each student various scenarios involving deadly force situations, that the whole class then takes part in a discussion of that student's scenario.

4. Every student has a hands on session, to learn, and practice drawing and firing their own concealed carry handgun in each class, with one on one Instructor help.

5. Each student has hands on training in the classroom, of how to fire their own concealed carry handgun.

6. Every student in the classroom, before going to their official Illinois Concealed Carry License range qualification, receives actual practice of firing our weapon, or their own handgun on our range at targets to improve their accuracy.

7. We provide each student with a complete set of Official Florida State Concealed Carry application forms that include complete written instructions, as well as, in class discussions on how to fill out their Florida Concealed Carry License application, including fingerprints.

Lastly, for you spending 16 hours of your time in our competitor's classroom, you will be able to carry a concealed carry weapon in Illinois. While after spending 16 hours in our classroom, you will not only be able to carry a concealed carry weapon in the State of Illinois, but in 39 other States with a Florida Concealed Carry Permit. For a complete map and list of those 39 States click here.

To see our schedule of classes click here.

M87, Inc. Concvealed Carry Class Costs:

Our Summer Special Concealed Carry 16 hour class price is $199.00.

We first collect a $25.00 non-refundable deposit for our 16 hour class, to hold your seat in our class.

The cost of our 1st 4 hour class is $62.50. The cost of our 2nd 4 hour class is $62.50. Don't forget, once you pass our 1st two 4 hour classes, you can apply to The State of Florida, for their Concealed Carry License that is accepted in a total of 39 states.

The cost of our third 4 hour class and our fourth 4 hour for Illinois Concealed Carry class is $75.00, based on the current bill that passed the Illinois State Legislature on July 9, 2013.Illinois State Law 098-0063 mandates that for an Illinois Concealed Carry License you do a Live Fire Range Test, with a seperate fee of $23.00, and also a Live Scan Fingerprinting required by the Illinois State Police with a seperate fee of $55.00 . These two fees are not included in the above $250.00 cost of our class, and are paid seperatly at an additional charge. Thereby the total cost is $328.00, with $250.00 paid to M87, Inc. for the class, and total other fees of $78.00 paid to our Live Scan Fingerprinting Company ($55.00) and the Range Fee for the Live Fire Test ($23.00).

The $225.00 is paid in 3 separate payments. The 1st payment is a non-refundable deposit of $25.00 paid by credit card, debit card, check or cash to sign up for and hold your place in our CCW Classes. The 2nd payment is for $125.00 that is charged to your credit card, three days before the 1st and 2nd  4 hour classes. The 3rd  payment is paid a week later by charging your credit card $75.00 three days before the 3rd and 4th  4 hour classes.

Once you have finished all 16 hous of our Concealed Carry Classes, you will receive the Illinois State Police - Concealed Carry Firearm Training Certificate, which you use to apply for your Illinois Concealed Carry License through the Illinois State Police. But, the bonus with Training with our company is, that you also receive a second certificate from us, that you can use to apply with the State Of Florida, for a Florida Concealed Carry Permit that is accepted in 39 states.

Total Training costs:

1st is a Non-refundable deposit cost .............. $25.00
Next is the 1st 4 Hour class cost ..................... $62.50
Next is the 2nd 4 hour class cost .....................$62.50
Payment amount for the first two classes is $125.00 (Charged to your credit card 3 days before class.)

3rd & 4th 4 hour class cost ..... $75.00 (Charged to your credit card 3 days before class.)
Total cost for all 16 hours ....... $225.00 (This amount is paid to us for your classes.)

There is one week separating the 1st & 2nd 4 hour classes, and the 3rd & 4th 4 hour classes.

IL Live Scan Fingerprinting ...... $55.00 (This amount we collect from you, and is paid to the fingerprinting company.)
Range Fee ................................... $23.00 (This amount we collect from you, and is paid to the gun range company.)
Total of all costs & fees ........... $303.00 to complete our 16 hour training course.

The cost of CCW license fees for the Illinois Concealed Carry License is $153.53, and you pay
that directly to the Illinois State Police, when you have completed our training course,
and you are applying online, for your Illinois Concealed Carry License.

Extra Services if you wish us to provide to you.
We can provide a pistol, & ammunition for your range test ........................... $25.00

Who takes our classes ?

1. People that want to learn how to safely handle, shoot, and maintain a handgun for their personal protection and that of their loved ones.

2. People that have never held, or fired any hand gun, rifle, or shotgun.

3. People that do not yet have an Illinois Firearm Owner's Identification Card or FOID. (We can help you get your FOID)

4. People that have not yet purchased a hand gun. (We can provide a knowledgeable person to advise you on a suitable type of hand gun for your hand size, physical strength, physical size, other physical attributes, including your personality, and how you plan on carrying your hand gun in a concealed manner.)

5. People that own a hand gun, have an Illinois FOID and want to receive training to qualify for an Illinois Concealed Carry License.

Our Illinois Concealed Carry Training classes also cover holsters of all types, including purse holsters, ammunition, combat tactics, and methods of hand gun concealment, as well as, the most important aspect of Carrying a Concealed handgun, which is the proper Mental Preparation for Armed Confrontation.  Lastly how to, not only have the best chance to survive a deadly attack in a gun battle, and know how to deal with the police that investigate you at the scene immediately following the gun battle, so you don't end up in a jail cell, instead of the bad guy. But most importantly, tips on how to survive the legal battle, that almost always follows a gun battle.

FOID as used above, means Illinois "Firearm Owner's Identification Card".

CCW as used above, means "Concealed Carry Weapon".

NRA as used above, means "The National Rifle Association of America".