A Handgun is needed to complete the Range Requirement portion of your Illinois Concealed Carry License Class :

If you do not have a handgun to use for your range qualification, a choice of rental handguns is available for an extra charge. You must inform your instructor of your need for a rental handgun during the classroom portion of your CCW class, so that the rental handgun, as well as, 30 rounds of ammunition in the proper caliber for that rental handgun will be available, when you arrive at the range for the range qualification portion of your CCW class. The cost of a rental handgun, and 30 rounds of ammunition for that rental handgun is an extra charge over, and above your CCW class fees.

If you do not own your own handgun, after the range qualification portion of your CCW class is completed, we can provide one of our instructors to answer your questions regarding what type of handgun you might be considering buying. The instructor could show you many different choices of new, and used handguns available for purchase at the range were you will do the range qualification portion of your CCW class. We do not sell firearms of any sort. We provide this service at no cost, only to assist our customers in finding the handgun best suited for their Concealed Carry purposes. We will advise you on the type of handgun based on your physical size, your strength, the manner in which you will conceal the handgun (an example being: A large frame handgun, would not be a good choice, if you are going to carry the handgun in an ankle holster). The final decision in your buying a handgun is entirely yours, our only function would be to give advice based on you, and your stated desires for how you wish to use your concealed carry handgun. You must have on your person, and show your current FOID card, to handle or purchase a handgun.

For a new handgun, be prepared to spend, $400.00 PLUS, and for a used handgun in good condition $300.00 to $350.00 plus. Do not be cheap, when it comes to buying ammunition for your concealed carry handgun, because, if that ammunition, or your handgun fails to perform as expected, it could cost you, your life !

A gun cleaning kit is absolutely needed if you own a handgun, below is just one example of a complete rifle and handgun cleaning kit.
(The cleaning kit shown below, fits nearly all handgun calibers, and would cost you under $25.00)

CCW as used above, means "Illinois Concealed Carry License Class".

FOID as used above, means Illinois "Firearm Owner's Identification Card".

NRA as used above, means "The National Rifle Association of America".